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Event Innovations And Managements

Event Technology & Registration

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 Leveraging our expertise, we will help identify the most suitable tech stack for your event based on your business requirements and within your budget, delivering tailored registration flows and event technology applications. We build and manage your platforms using the latest technology in the industry for your event application needs.
  • Registration Platform
  • Schedule Builder
  • Exhibitor Resource Center
  • Speaker Resource Center
  • Mobile App
  • Onsite Badge Printing
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Leave the attendee management to us. From initial invitations to on-site badge pickup, we handle all aspects of attendee registration and logistics, ensuring a seamless experience for every participant
Rely on our industry contacts to source and manage top vendors for your event. From tech stack providers to credential suppliers, we ensure that every vendor meets your standards for quality and reliability.
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Simplify access management with our comprehensive credential planning services. From badge layout to access control, we handle every detail to ensure smooth entry for all attendees.
Optimize your onsite registration area with our meticulous logistics planning. From layout design to vendor coordination, we ensure that every aspect of your registration area meets your specifications.
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Trust our experienced project team to execute flawless on-site registration. From setup to staff training, we ensure a seamless experience for all attendees, leaving a lasting impression of professionalism and efficiency.

Dedicated Customer Service Support

Call Center

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  1. Dedicated Customer Service Team
  2. Support Throughout the Attendee Journey
  3. Prompt and Knowledgeable Assistance
  4. Inquiry Assistance
  5. Personalised Attendee Guidance
  6. Seamless Communication Channels
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Our dedicated customer service team is here to support your attendees every step of the way. From registration inquiries to event details, we provide prompt and knowledgeable support to enhance the attendee experience.

Importance of Staffing In Event Management

Temporary Event Staff / Brand Ambassadors

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Dedicated Program Team
Your assigned Project Lead and Staffing Coordinator will collaborate with you from the outset, ensuring a seamless transition from idea to execution. With comprehensive training and professional staff placement, we ensure that every member of your event team is equipped to deliver excellence. 
Partnership Approach
We believe in forging partnerships, not just transactions. Your Dedicated Program Team will invest time to understand your unique program needs and objectives. This collaborative approach allows us to tailor training programs specifically for your event, ensuring your assigned team is well-versed in every detail.
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Comprehensive Training
Count on us as your reliable and professional staffing partner. Receive a detailed staff placement grid and deployment schedules, guaranteeing that your event is equipped with a proficient and well-prepared team. Our commitment to training ensures that every member of your event team is not just a staff member but an extension of your vision.
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Professional Staff
At our core, we are an employee-centric organization, meticulously selecting and training team members to perfectly align with the unique requirements of each event. Our commitment to excellence ensures that you receive dedicated and skilled staff members who are equipped to elevate your event experience to new heights.
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Seamless Attendee Experience
Your attendees' satisfaction is our top priority. Experience the difference with TPM, where every aspect of our service is designed to enhance the overall event experience.
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Innovative Technology
Embrace efficiency with our cutting-edge technology. We utilize employee timesheet software systems for swift time reconciliation and precise invoicing. Expect a comprehensive report and invoice within 1-2 weeks of your event, allowing you to focus on what matters most – the success of your event.
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